"Physical and mental health for
disadvantaged children of
East Jerusalem and the West Bank"
Women's Empowerment
Women's Empowerment

our work : women’s empowerment program

Mothers and other nurturing women are often the most important people in the life of a child. Due to political circumstances and travel restrictions, the social fabric in Palestine is changing rapidly. Young mothers, who may have married in their teens and dropped out of school early, were traditionally guided by older female family members in matters relating to pregnancy, childcare and marriage. As extended families may now be separated by barriers and check-points, some mothers now come to the Spafford Children’s Center for advice.

Through lectures, workshops, counselling, and expressive arts therapy we try to support these mothers to make them more aware of their capabilities and rights, as well as to understand relationships within their families.

We also provide educational programs to help them develop their skills, for example learning a language or using a computer, as well as physical activities to benefit their health, like yoga.