"Physical and mental health for
disadvantaged children of
East Jerusalem and the West Bank"
Social Work
Social Work
Social Work

our work : social work department

As part of the holistic approach to the child’s welfare, social workers assess each patient’s need for assistance and address psycho-social problems in the family through individual and group counselling.

In addition, we have women’s empowerment programs for mothers, including lectures and discussions to make them more aware of their capabilities and rights, as well as understanding relationships within the family, the development of children and how to deal with problems.

For several years, courses in Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy have been led by a professional therapist as part of the women’s empowerment program. Through different art forms, mothers and adolescents are encouraged to express their feelings of fear, frustration and yearnings and thus become aware of hidden problems that motivate their current actions. By helping them learn new ways of handling anger and anxiety, we help them move towards healing and self awareness.

The positive results of these courses led to the introduction of sessions and short courses for children and young people to help counteract their post-traumatic stress disorders, which result from the troubles of recent decades. In addition, the social workers have a program in schools – lecturing and discussing subjects with young people that are not covered by the school curriculum.

To curb violence in the streets, schools and homes, which is a direct result of the political violence witnessed by the children, courses in ‘Alternatives to Violence’ have been initiated for mothers and young people. Staff members are trained to teach others how to resolve conflicts in the community in a non-violent way through games and discussions.

The work in the Social Section is not static. New programs and methods of providing social support to children and families are being implemented and researched all the time.