"Physical and mental health for
disadvantaged children of
East Jerusalem and the West Bank"
medical clinic

our work : medical clinic

Since 2000, severe travel restrictions and the building of the Separation Wall have prevented many West Bank families from reaching the clinic in East Jerusalem. The Spafford Children’s Center has responded by transferring the medical clinic to Bethany (Izzariyeh).

The medical clinic provides paediatric care, infant welfare monitoring (including screenings for hearing, eyesight and development) and preventative vaccinations.

Nearly all patients can be dealt with within the Spafford Children’s Center, although more serious problems are referred to hospitals. Some children’s physical complaints are found to be symptomatic of psychological distress which can be treated by our staff in other departments.

The most needy families will also receive free medicines, food and baby milk, as well as clothes when they are available.

The clinic also provides health education through group teaching and individual advice and counselling.