"Physical and mental health for
disadvantaged children of
East Jerusalem and the West Bank"
Cultural Activities
Cultural Activities
Cultural Activities
Cultural Activities

our work : cultural activities

Cultural activities like reading, drama, art, music and sport are a vital part of bringing children, young people and their families together as well as providing a means towards understanding and expressing feelings.

We provide:

  • A library which enables children to discover the joy of reading by borrowing books, taking part in storytelling sessions and joining discussions about different topics.  This helps to enhance their general knowledge and stimulate creativity and language.
  • Handicraft sessions and workshops, where children learn to be creative by using scrap materials to make collages, stencils, masks, paintings, mosaics and more.
  • Drama classes which develop imagination, sense of humour and creative skills, as well as enable children, young people and their parents to discuss and act out important issues in society, health hazards, environmental issues, politics and many other issues in an entertaining way.
  • Clowning is taught as part of the drama classes – young people dress up as clowns and learn the skills required to entertain others. This helps them to grow in confidence and self esteem.
  • Art workshops organised by a professional art teacher, help to increase the power of observation for colours, shapes, perspective and eye-hand coordination. In addition mothers and children get the therapeutic benefits of learning to express feelings through their art.
  • Dance and movement lessons improve the children’s coordination and rhythm as well as release excessive energy and giving them enjoyment. Different age groups practice the Palestinian ‘Dabkeh’ dance with great enthusiasm and some are so good they have won prizes in competitions.
  • Yoga classes not only promote physical benefit, but also provide mental and emotional relaxation.
  • Chess classes help teach logical, strategic thinking, long-term planning and concentration.
  • Music classes are held to teach children to play percussion instruments and sing, as well as giving them an appreciation and enjoyment of music which is a good way to relieve stress.
  • Computer facilities have been provided at the center and courses for young people and mothers are available. As the occupied Palestinian territory is now divided into different areas and Israeli ‘permissions’ are needed to go from one area to another, the only way for young people to keep in regular contact with friends in other areas is by using email and other online social networking applications. To provide the young people with more advanced computer skills that might help in employment opportunities, the Center has established a small Media Center with professional equipment for making films, websites and graphic designs.
  • Performances, including puppet theatres, carnivals, art competitions and exhibitions take place regularly throughout the year. Mothers are encouraged to take part and learn how to interact with their children in a positive way.
  • Creative workshops take place in schools and institutions outside the Center.