"Physical and mental health for
disadvantaged children of
East Jerusalem and the West Bank"
 Adapting to Needs

adapting to needs

The Spafford Children’s Center has a long history in Jerusalem and has witnessed
the many challenges that the children and parents in the region have faced.
Many of the children currently registered with us have mothers and grandmothers
who were themselves treated at the Center (see example here).

Although current needs are different from those experienced when the Spafford family first came to Jerusalem, over the generations the Center has remained a forward-looking institution which is able to adapt and respond to the changing humanitarian needs.

Today is no different, while families in Jerusalem have access to good healthcare,
this is much more limited in the West Bank. The Separation Wall and the severe travel restriction imposed in recent years mean that Palestinians cannot move freely to hospitals and specialised medical care, or reach their place of employment. Nearly half are now living below the poverty line.

While we offer help to anyone in need, regardless of race, religion or cultural
background, it is currently the Palestinians who have the greatest need.

Our willing and able staff and fundraisers continue to adapt and look for new ways
to respond to changing demands.