"Physical and mental health for
disadvantaged children of
East Jerusalem and the West Bank"
Our Work
Our Work

our work

The Spafford Children’s Center is a charitable institution that aims for a holistic approach to child health through the provision of medical and preventative care, as well as psychological, social and educational support.

In addition we provide speech and play therapy as well as a variety of cultural, sporting and artistic activities that will advance the general education and skills of children and young people to help further their quality of life and career options.

We also recognise that a mother is an important influence in the life of a child so we offer her empowerment programs which help her to better understand and support her children. We help her to cope with depression, lack of self esteem and lack of financial means.

To learn more about the services we offer, how we are adapting to current needs and the people involved, please use the menu bar.