"Physical and mental health for
disadvantaged children of
East Jerusalem and the West Bank"


Here is the latest news from the Spafford Children's Center as well as details of our current fundraising activities.

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Shopping advice for Live Below the Line

With only a few days left before most people start the Live Below the Line challenge, Issa and Therese Tahhan have shared their shopping list and some menu suggestions. Shopping list Menu With social and work commitments next week, the Tehhans are taking the challenge a week early and we wish them the best of […]

Thousands being raised by Live Below the Line fundraising campaign

We are delighted with the amount raised so far by those taking part in the Live Below the Line challenge… but as ever, we’re hoping to raise even more! Here are some template materials to help our participants achieve this: Press release – draft template for you to personalise and send to your local media […]

To see a special short film about the Spafford Children's Center from US TV network PBS click here