A major grant was approved for the Spafford Children’s Center earlier this year, totalling around $250,000 which was to be used for psycho-social and remedial education for troubled children in Jerusalem and Bethany.

Unfortunately, the agency which awarded the grant has told us that it is unable to pay the full amount. The Children’s Center will now receive less than a third of the sum promised. This leaves us in a perilous position until further funding can be found. Of course we must continue to provide our services to children and families in need, but the budget is down by approximately $170,000.

If you are able to make an additional donation to the Spafford Children’s Center this Christmas, you would be helping at a time of very great need. You can donate online here. All the funds raised will go towards our programmes in Jerusalem and the West Bank, helping vulnerable children in what is one of the most difficult places in the world to grow up. The Center treats a wide range of developmental problems, which are often caused or magnified by the political situation in the region. SCC needs to raise over 70% of the cost of treatment from charitable donations.

£25 could pay for individual counselling for a child, £150 could pay for a course of 13 remedial teaching sessions.

The Spafford Children’s Center began on Christmas Day in 1925, when the founder Bertha Spafford Vester took in a new-born child whose mother died soon after the birth. Within a week she had been asked to take in two more orphaned babies, which started a lifetime’s work caring for children in need. Today the work has expanded from medical to include educational, psycho-social, cultural and a host of other therapeutic programmes. Historically this festive period holds particular significance for us, and we wish you a happy and safe Christmas.