We are sad to announce the death of Mrs. Mary Frangi who served as the head nurse for the Spafford Children’s Hospital (later the Spafford Children’s Center) for 53 years. Her warm personality and irrepressible spirit were well known in Jerusalem. She treated generations of children and their families who visited her often to express their gratitude for her care and kindness.

Born in Lebanon in 1923 Mary lost her parents at a young age. Her schooling in Lebanon inspired her to pursue nursing training in Jerusalem. She began working in the Spafford hospital in 1948, did post-graduate work abroad, and returned to Spafford for her career of service. Through times of peace and conflict Mary put her patients first. During the hostilities in 1967 she stayed on duty to care for the sick children and with great diplomacy refused to allow the Spafford hospital to be occupied by forces from either side. She possessed both administrative skills and compassionate warmth that made her beloved by the children, families, and all associated with the Spafford Children’s Center. When she retired from SCC in 2001 she was honored with a party and picture proclaiming her dedication to the children and families of Jerusalem.