In recognition of more than 35 years working selflessly with children and young people as a paediatrician and director of the Spafford Children’s Center, Dr Jantien Dajani has been presented with a medal making her a Ridder (Knight) in the Order of Orange-Nassau. 

Everyone at the Spafford Children’s Center is delighted and proud that Dr Dajani has been honoured in this way.

Frank Spencer-Nairn, Chairman of the Spafford Children’s Center Board of Trustees, comments: “Dr Dajani’s honour is richly deserved and recognises her lifetime’s work stimulating, encouraging and assisting children, young people and mothers in Jerusalem and the West Bank.  The honour comes shortly after her retirement as CEO of the Spafford Children’s Center but we are delighted Dr Dajani retains several key responsibilities and remains on the Board of Trustees. Dr Dajani is a most worthy recipient of this medal and the Dutch Nation can be proud of her.”

The ceremony, at which the medal was awarded, took place on April 28th 2011 at the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah, in the West Bank.  It was part of the celebration of the Dutch Queen’s Day, which is traditionally the day that people who deserve appreciation and recognition from society for the special way in which they have carried out their activities are honoured.